General Rules:
AX Promotions strictly adheres and enforces all venue guidelines at each respected

No video recording allowed on Friday unless approved by AX Promotions.

Series Credential:
For series credential information contact AX Promotions at 517-610-0266 or e-mail

Photo ID Required:
All participants must present a valid driver’s license or valid photo ID at event
registration. If under the age of 18 your parent/guardian MUST sign release forms and
remain present with the minor all day. Your parent/guardian must present a valid
driver’s license or valid photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.

AMA Membership
An AMA membership is required to compete in AMA Arenacross and proof of
membership must be presented at registration.

Register online at Pre-Registration deadline is 10AM EST the
Monday before the event. Participants not pre-registered must register at the event.

Registration Rates:
Pre-Entry: $100
Post-Entry: $140

Rider Registration and Hours:
Friday: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Spectator Tickets:
Tickets are available at the venue box office or online at
Tickets will allow you into the facility at the following times.
Friday: 6:00 pm
(Times may vary depending on venue)

Friday Registration and Race Day Schedule:
Registration: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Track Walk: 10:30 am – 10:45 am
Rider’s Meeting: 10:45 am – 11:15 am
Practice: 11:30 am
Track Party: 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm
The top 20 in the Class standings are required to attend
Doors Open: 6:00 pm
Opening Ceremonies: 7:30 pm
Races: 7:45 pm

• In addition to these Arenacross supplemental rules, the AMA Arenacross AX Pro
Class is governed by the 2023 AMA Rulebook.
• To be eligible to compete in the AX Pro Class, riders must be 14 years of age or
older on the day of the event they attend.
• The AX Pro class is considered an “A” level class and a pro license is not required to
race the AX Pro Class.

• Motorcycles can be either a 125cc-300cc 2-stroke or 250cc-450cc 4-stroke.
• Approved equipment for the AX Pro Class is in accordance with the AMA Racing
regulations for motorcycle homologation.
Sound Requirements:
• Per SAE J1287 standard
• Max. 96 dB/a for motorcycles with a 2-stroke engine
• Max. 94 dB/a for motorcycles with a 4-stroke engine
• Two (2) additional dB/a will be allowed in post-race inspection

Motorcycle Usage:
• In the AX Pro Class only, riders may register two (2) motorcycles throughout the
• Frame numbers must be registered at registration with the rider that will race that
• If a rider chooses to use two (2) motorcycles the rider must declare which
motorcycle will be the race motorcycle and which will be the secondary motorcycle
at registration.
• A secondary motorcycle may be registered by multiple riders however once it is
used as a secondary motorcycle the other riders are no longer eligible to use that
• The rider must inform the Race Director prior to switching from the race motorcycle
to the secondary motorcycle. Once the rider changes motorcycles they may not
change back to the previous motorcycle at any time during the event.

Race Number:
Beginning in 2023 AMA Arenacross will implement a new elite numbering system in the
AX Pro class:
• All elite numbers must be single, double digits, or three digit numbers.
• The current champion must run the #1.
• Positions 2-25 from the previous season will have next choice of available numbers,
in that order. Only the top 25 each season will have the opportunity to run 2-25. You
are permitted to choose numbers 2-25 if that number aligns with your previous
seasons championship results or any other two/three digit number for the current
season based on availability.
• In order for a rider to maintain an elite number they must place in the top 25 in
championship points. Once an elite numbered rider does not place in the top 25,
then that number will be available the following season. No other rider will be eligible
to use an elite number until that said rider is ineligible.
• All other numbers outside the top 25 are reserved on a first come first serve basis by
registering for a credential. For credential information contact Shawn Smith with AX
Promotions at 517-610-0266 or e-mail:
AX Pro Class Number Plates:
Front numbers must be a minimum height of 6 inches.
Side numbers must be a minimum height of 5½ inches.
• White plate, Black numbers
• Current Champion: White plates, Black no.1
• Points Leader: Red plates, white numbers (Red PMS #1788c)

• The AX Pro Class qualifying consists of timed qualifying practice; four (4) heat
races, two (2) semi’s, two (2) LCQ’s and two (2) final (Main Events).
• Race formats with the set laps and times will be distributed at each event.
Timed Qualifying Procedure:
• The qualifying timed practices will be used to compile 32 riders based on their
fastest lap time.
Seeded Riders:
• The current top 10 in championship points will be automatically seeded into the
evening program provided they record at least one (1) officially timed lap during
practice or qualifying practice. In the case that all seeded riders are not present
additional riders will be taken from timed qualifying based on their fastest lap time to
make up the 32 rider field.
Starting Line:
• A maximum of eight (8) riders will grid centered behind the starting gate with eight
additional riders lined up directly behind the front row.
• A rider must be ready when called to the starting area. Two minutes are allowed
after the starters call to make minor repairs for mechanical issues. The starter shall
only allow a single delay period up to the two-minute time limit per event.
• Once the starter has signaled to start the event no delays will be allowed, including
subsequent starts when staggered start is used.
Finish Line:
• The officially designated finish line is defined as the placement of the transponder
loop which will be distinctively marked by yellow Acerbis markers.
Head to Head Challenge:
• Details on the method for choosing riders along with the race format will be
announced at a later date.
Main Event 1 & 2:
• Points will be awarded individually for each main event.
• Gate selection for Main Event 1 will be determined by the riders finishing positions in
the heat races and LCQ.
• Gate selection for Main Event 2 will be determined by finish position of Main Event
1. Gate selection will be inverted from the finishing order. 16 th place will have the first
gate pick.

Main Event Points Structure:
1 st = 16
2 nd = 15
3 rd = 14
4 th = 13
5 th = 12
6 th = 11
7 th = 10
8 th = 9
9 th = 8
10 th = 7
11 th = 6
12 th = 5
13 th = 4
14 th = 3
15 th = 2
16 th = 1

AX Pro Class Purse:
• Friday Combined Payout = $14,250
• Main Event 1 Main Event 2
• 1 st $1500 1 st $1500
• 2 nd $1000 2 nd $1000
• 3 rd $750 3 rd $750
• 4 th $625 4 th $625
• 5 th $500 5 th $500
• 6 th $450 6 th $450
• 7 th $425 7 th $425
• 8 th $400 8 th $400
• 9 th $350 9 th $350
• 10 th $300 10 th $300
• 11 th $250 11 th $250
• 12 th $200 12 th $200
• 13 th $150 13 th $150
• 14 th $100 14 th $100
• 15 th $75 15 th $75
• 16 th $50 16 th $50
• AX Pro Class 2023 Season Ending Points Fund = $40,000
1 st $15,000
2 nd $10,000
3 rd $7,500
4 th $5,000
5 th $2,500

Team Space Area:
• Team space area is defined as the area assigned to you.
• All equipment must be limited to the specified space available permitted to you.
• Specific venues may provide unique paddock layouts that can permit use of e-z ups,
umbrellas, awnings, etc. This will be at the sole and absolute discretion of AX
• Specific venues may have limited indoor pitting space which may result in certain
teams not being able to enter the paddock area during the event.
• Bicycle barricade will be dispersed only upon availability.
• The basis for determining pitting areas for the AX Pro Class will be consistent with
the following order noted:
1. Top 10 in current point’s standings in the AX Pro Class.
2. Riders that have participated in on-site press engagements during the week
leading up to that specific event.
3. AX Pro series credential holders.
4. All wrist-banded riders.

Merchandise, Promotional and Product Items:
All below merchandise, promotional items, and products are strictly prohibited
without the prior written approval of AX Promotions.
• The distribution or sale of any merchandise whatsoever, including without limitation,
apparel, hats, shirts, jerseys, promotional or marketing items, etc.
• The distribution of any promotional or marketing items or products by teams, riders
or sponsors of teams.
• Such promotional or marketing items or products include but are not limited to
energy drinks, spirits, stickers, videos, compact discs or DVD items, flags, visors,
key chains, koozies, catalogs, flyers, coupons, magnets, pencils/pens, vehicles,
bicycles, motorcycles or motorcycle products.
• Under no circumstances, will sampling of products, including specifically energy
drinks and spirits, be allowed and no food or beverages of any kind may be
distributed or served upon spectators, fans, etc.
• The sale, sampling and/or display of specific Team or Rider sponsors or aftermarket
motocrosss/Supercross related items in the paddock or within each Team’s specific
designated space.
• All stickers for distribution are strictly prohibited.

Team, Rider and Rental Vehicles:
• Staging is prohibited within the venue parking lot without prior approval from AX

Working Paddock Hours:
• Early pitting: Top 10 riders in the AX Pro championship points will be allowed to pit
from 1-4pm the day before the first race day at each event.
• Race day: 8:00 am Pitting for all other competitors
• Paddock Area closes each night at 11PM.
Parking Hours:
• Thursday 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.
• Parking will be at these times only and anyone arriving after the set times must wait
until 7:30 am Friday morning.
• All vehicles must be removed from the venue by 1:00 am Sunday unless otherwise
approved by AX Promotions.
• Any person caught trespassing without the proper credential or caught assisting
someone to trespass on to AX Promotions/Venue property may be subjected to
prosecution under the applicable laws.
• Designated paddock entrances must be used when entering the paddock area.

Season Credentials:
• Credentials must be worn at all times while in paddock area, on the track, or within
the venue.
• Your credential is your responsibility and is non-transferable.
• Persons violating this policy will be subject to removal from the venue and
prosecution under the state statute of laws that apply.
• Any person who counterfeits, forges, or alters with the intent to defraud the facility or
the promoter is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree and subject to all laws
that apply.
• AX Promotions reserves the right to revoke the credentials at any time.
• All trash must be disposed of in approved containers.

Fuel / Oil / Coolant Dumping:
• The dumping of fuel, motor oil, coolant, grey water, and black water in the paddock
area or on the Venue property is strictly prohibited and would subject any violators
to immediate eviction from the paddock area and perhaps from the venue, and also,
any violators may be subject to prosecution under applicable law.
• Venue regulations require use of the approved fuel dump area in accordance with
the local fire marshal and any such regulation must be complied with in every
respect. Violator’s may be subject to prosecution under any applicable law
governing this matter.

Fire Marshall:
• Certain venue regulations may require the local fire marshal to inspect your
transporter, truck, trailer, or pitting area for un-approved fuel containers or drums not
in accordance with their state regulations.
• Each Team/Rider must fully cooperate at all times with local fire marshal.
• Failure to fully comply with the local fire marshal may subject violator’s to
prosecution under applicable laws.
General Rules:
• NO bicycles, unicycles, scooters, skateboards, drones, hover boards, tricycles,
animals (except service animals), fuel cans, and/or alcohol in the pit area or race
• AX Promotions strictly adheres and enforces all venue guidelines at each respected